Mac Parental Controls Manage Kids’ Online Reputation

Mac Parental Controls Manage Kids’ Online Reputation

Mac parental controls help parents manage kids’ online reputation well. As with virtually any use of the Internet, people especially young children are in danger online. Apart from some commonly seen critical factors, such as the cyber crime, online predators, there is also another thing that may affect your children badly – your children’s online reputation. With that in mind, as parents, you must be thinking about what you can do to manage their online reputation. The most practical and efficient method – using Mac parental controls will help you alleviate and solve these problems at present.

What A Mac Parental Control Tool Can Do for You

A Mac parental control tool refers to the application that can be well used on the target Mac computer to help to keep records of what is happening on it. Commonly, it will record all keystrokes typed, websites visited, chat conversation and more. So, why the Mac parental control can help to manage your kids’ online reputation?

The Features of Aobo Mac parental controls are listed below.

  • Log keyloggers and passwords inputted on Mac
  • Capture screenshots of Mac activities
  • Record chats in Skype/Adium/iChat/Aim
  • Log Composed Emails
  • Monitor Application use
  • Log typed Facebook messages
  • Send logs by Email
  • Upload logs to FTP
  • Keystrokes in native language

How Mac Parental Controls Manage Children’s Reputation Online

The right or wrong that children do shows what they are like. Nowadays it is certainly true online! People online often judge a person by all the facts and information that they can discover about you. However, the Internet is an entirely virtual world, and people cannot get many facts to know you, so the only thing they can do to know you is to see what you do on the Internet. For example, they will judge you by what you post online, or what pictures you like to share online and so on. Today’s young children are severely affected by some things on the Internet so that they may post a lot of inappropriate content on their blogs, social networks and more.

Mac parental controls can work efficiently to record almost everything your kids do on the Internet, such as what they post, what pictures they share, what videos they watch, what friends they often chat with and more other information. In this way, you can know fully what your kids do on the Internet, and you can guide them to do right things timely once you find that they post any inappropriate things on the Internet. In this way, you manage to protect your kids from being misunderstood by others.

Aobo Mac parental controls is professional parental control software for all Mac users, and parents can take full advantage of this software to know children’s online activities and help them manage their online reputation. At the same time, it also works as the best Mac security software which can be well used to monitor their online behavior so as to protect them from potential dangers online.

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