Mac Password Keylogger for Password Recording

Mac Password Keylogger for Password Recording

As a popularly used keylogger app for OS X, Aobo Mac Keylogger is widely accepted as Mac Password Keylogger, which embodies two aspects – password protection for you to access Mac Keylogger and recording passwords typed on the monitored Mac.Mac Password Keylogger will help you find out what you want to know.

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Make Password Recording Possible.

Adopting the professional edition of Aobo Mac Keylogger, you can get all the keystrokes typed on the targeted Mac recorded, including the passwords entered. In such manner, you can easily and clearly keep a record of the passwords of social networks, webs, apps, and emails. As a result, you can enter those websites to see who and what your kids play with, who your spouse chats with and who your employees communicate with so as to figure out whether your kids hang out with some dangerous strangers, or whether your spouse involves in love affair, or whether your employees intend to collude with your competitors. To be brief, you are no longer hidden from the truth of your life.

Process of Mac Password Keylogger Is under Protection.

In addition to password recording, the privacy of you as a keylogger user and the Password Recording application itself is well protected by the encrypted password. After installation, you can configure the settings of the keylogger according to your needs and demands. In the General tab, you can set a password for the first level of keylogger, so anyone without the password could not access your logs. Furthermore, you can choose to change the default hot key so as to bar others unauthorized approaching to the settings of your keylogger for Mac. From the above mentioned, you can rest assured that the whole process of installing, monitoring, logging and viewing with the Keylogger for Mac is under all-sided password protection.

Aobo Mac Keylogger, working as Mac Password keystroke logger, contributes more to you than you expected. On the one hand, password protection in keylogger installation, setting, logging and viewing logs makes your Mac monitoring totally safe and secret; on the other hand, recording passwords on Mac reveals the truth about the people you care about. Mac Password Keylogger will be really helpful for you if you would like to find out the truth.

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