Mac Spy App Helps You Solve Online Problems in Family

Mac Spy App Helps You Solve Online Problems in Family

Mac Spy App becomes more and more indispensable in our daily life.Do you still worry about your home problems? Do you know how long your children spend in playing online games? Does your husband really work late every day? Why did he clear all the history on the computer? How can you know what your husband or kid often does on the computer? It seems that you are lack of communication. So what can you do? There is no way to really find out unless you raid your husband’s office and go check yourself or stay with your kids all day. Most time, your husband and kids may be angry and you will go through the "you don’t trust me" conversation. Everything seems terrible for you to solve, but the Aobo Mac Spy App – the best helper for you which can be used to monitor all things happening on the Mac at your home. The Mac spy app will help you monitor, record and track all their activities online in an invisible and undetectable mode.

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Mac Spy App Can Record All Keystrokes Your Families Typed

The Mac keylogger is the best Mac monitoring software which allows you to monitor all activities occurring on the Mac at your home. It records all keystrokes which are typed on the Mac, such as the chat logs your husband typed, which chat server he used, and the date he typed. All things will be recorded clearly to let you know what your kid and husband mostly like to do.

Mac Spy software Can Record All Websites Your Families Visited

All the websites that are visited in Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome by your children or husband will be recorded by the Mac spy app. It records not only the URLs but the title, so you can know what kind of websites they visited from the title, which will save you a lot of time. And you can also type the URLs recorded to enter the websites to look at them carefully. The passwords are required when you want to enter some of their private websites like Facebook, MySpace or others, the Mac spy app provides professional edition for you to record all the passwords typed on the Mac and you can use them to enter their space to know what they actually do every day on the Internet.

Mac monitoring App Can Log All Chat Conversations

The Mac spy app, also called Mac keylogger or keylogger for Mac can be used to log all the chat conversations typed in AIM, Skype, MSN, iChat, Adium and more, which is very important for you to get the information about what your husband or your kid often does online. Because chatting online is becoming more and more popular and many people prefer to chat online, so you can find out what happened to your husband or your kids, and then you will take according to actions to solve all your home problems.

As the saying goes, "curiosity kills the cat, " the same is the case with humans. But if you use the right way to get what you want to know without being noticed, you will get all the truth. The Aobo Mac keylogger monitors, records and delivers all logs all in a complete stealth mode, so every problem at your home will be solved gradually and secretly without being detected.

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