Master Mac Activities with Mac Spy Software Free

Master Mac Activities with Mac Spy Software Free

Mac spy software free could be used by employers to master their employees’ Mac activities. In many companies, almost every employee owns a computer which helps the employee deal with their daily job effectively. However, the abuse of the computer also exists in many offices, since too many employees are wasting their time shopping on the internet, chatting with friends or even playing the computer games, which is really a waste of the company resources and results in the lower working efficiency. Mac spy software free can help you master all your employees’ working efficiency so as to find some solutions indeed.

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How Does Mac Spy Software Free Work?

First and foremost, the Mac spy software free is working in a complete invisible and undetectable mode. That is to say, as long as you have finished the installation, all your monitoring behavior is undergoing silently and secretly that is less likely to be discovered by your employees. The invisible monitoring is more likely to ensure your security. More importantly, it won’t leave your employees the impression that you don’t trust them.

Keep Track of Web History with Mac Spy Software Free

What’s more, the Mac spying software can keep track of all the websites visited on Safari/Firefox/Google Chrome. Every URL of the website and the accurate time stamp can be recorded by the Mac spy software free. In accordance with the website history, you are able to check what your employees are doing actually, whether they are wasting their time on the websites unrelated to the current work. In this way, you are more likely to find some effective solutions to enhance the working efficiency.

Capture IM Chats and Social Networking Activities

In addition, the IM chat conversation and the social networking activities can be captured by the Mac spy software free. In most situations, some important information of the company is revealed by the employees when they chat with others freely. In fact, the Mac monitoring software can capture all the chat conversations both on the IM and on some social networks. Based on the chat conversation, on one hand, you can figure out whether your employees are talking about something unrelated to their work; on the other hand, you can check whether your employees reveal the company’s secrets.

Apart from the functions mentioned above, the Mac tracking software also supports the multiple user option, which enables you to monitor the current user only or all users freely. Instead of monitoring your employees by yourself, the Mac spy software free can be your best partner and turns out to be time-saving and energy-saving.

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