Detect Mac Activity with MacBook Pro Keylogger

Detect Mac Activity with MacBook Pro Keylogger

You can use Aobo MacBook Pro Keylogger to detect the employees’ Mac activities so as to keep the security of the company assets. As for the modern company, the secrets of the corporation are no other than the intellectual outcome, which is easily stolen by others. According to the latest statistics, many confidential files are carried out by the current staff. Meanwhile, the internet turns out to be the efficient carrier that transfers the company secrets. So, it is essential to detect the Mac usage. MacBook Pro keylogger like Aobo Keylogger for Mac can help you discover your employees’ Mac activities.

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Monitor Mac Invisibly with MacBook Pro Keylogger

MacBook Pro keylogger like Aobo Keylogger for Mac or Easemon Employee Monitor for Mac is a piece of computer monitoring software that can work in a completely invisible and undetectable mode. In fact, as long as your employees discover that you are monitoring them in real time, their feelings can be affected even though they do not say anything to you. So, invisible monitoring won’t affect your employees’ working efficiency to the largest extents.

Log Both-side Chat Conversation on IM

The both-side chat conversation on IM and the activities performed on social networks can be recorded clearly on the MacBook Pro keylogger. Whenever the chatting conversation of your employees related to the company’s secrets, you are allowed to take some practical actions immediately. Meanwhile, as long as you discovered that they spend too much time in chatting with others, you can seek for some solution to enhance their working efficiency.

Check Web History on Mac

It allows you to check your employees’ website history. As long as your employees searched something on Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome, then the URLs of the websites has been preserved in detail. Even if your canny employees delete the site history, keylogger for MacBook Pro can keep track of that as well. According to the website history, you know if your employees intend to transfer the intellectual outcome of the company.

Support Multiple User Monitoring

The Support of monitoring multiple users is the other function of MacBook Pro keylogger. In fact, you are allowed to purchase the license based on your requirements. Besides that, the installation is simple, and you can finish it with several simple clicks.

Whenever your employees have any behavior on their Mac, the logs will be delivered to your email box or FTP space directly. You can read the logs through email or FTP with the internet connected devices, such as smartphones, PCs, Macs, so that you can check the results freely. In a word, choosing the Mac monitoring software, MacBook Pro keylogger should give priority.

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