Macintosh Keylogger – Advantages of Installing One

Macintosh Keylogger – Advantages of Installing One

The first thing that comes to people’s minds when they hear the word "keylogger" is most probably one of hackers trying to steal information from an unsuspecting victim. Who can blame them? Almost every day, news media outlets broadcast news about one country hacking into another’s secret servers or hacking groups attacking websites of organizations that they do not support. But, there are more advantages to using a Macintosh keylogger legally than there are when using them illegally.

As surprising as it may seem, a keylogger for Macintosh computers can be used by both individuals and businesses for good causes. But, and there is always a "but" when talking about good things, there is a limit – that limit is the law. Although it may be OK to use a keylogger for private purposes, and within the family, it is a different story when it comes to using it in a corporate environment.

There are laws that vary from state to state which address the privacy of employees and their rights even when they are using their employers’ computers. Therefore, any business planning to have keyloggers for Macintosh installed on their employees’ computers (whether or not with the knowledge and/or agreement of the employees) should make sure that no laws are broken.

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So, now that we have the legal aspect settled we can move on to the advantages of using a Macintosh keylogger. They are:

  1. The Children: Every parent has the best intentions at heart when it comes to their offspring. With the technology available to them, children are highly exposed to the dangers that the online world poses. Although it is almost impossible to disconnect children from the internet they can have their connection time monitored to ensure that they are not being targeted by all the evil that is out there.

A parent can install a Macintosh keylogger on their children’s computer and see who they are talking to, what sites they are accessing and ensuring their online safety in general.

  1. The Wayward Spouse: For those that are, unfortunately, in a troubled marriage where one spouse suspects the other, but a keylogger for Macintosh can notbe the source of some evidence which can be used for closure. It is probably too late to mend a marriage by the time one partner is thinking of keyloggers for Macintosh, you can not use keyloggers for Macintosh to clear up suspicions. All those late nights at the computer could actually be because of a new assignment at the office. It could be that the real reason that the computer is guarded viciously is because there is a novel being written. But, it doesn’t harm to be 100% sure – if only to get it to monitor your kids or employees. 

  1. The "Other" User: For those that are a little too paranoid, or have a real reason to think that there is someone else using their computer without their permission, they can find peace of mind (or catch criminal in the act) by installing a keylogger for Macintosh and catching the unsuspecting crook. After all, who would think anyone would install a keylogger on their own computer?

  2. The Business Plan:Businesses are in the market to make money. They do not want to have their employees come to the office only to spend the day playing Solitaire or shopping online. Businesses can use a Macintosh keylogger to ensure that they know what their employees are doing. On the flip side, employees that know that they are being monitored will make sure that they spend as much time as possible being productive.

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