Password Keylogger for Mac Logs Typed Passwords

Password Keylogger for Mac Logs Typed Passwords
  • Do you want to keep track of what your kids do on their own computer?
  • Have your children uploaded any improper photos or videos online?
  • Or do you want to know your kids’ social networking activities but don’t know how?

If your answer is "Yes", you need a password keylogger for Mac to help you find out all the truth easily. A Password Keylogger for Mac can secretly records all the passwords typed on Mac such as passwords of Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter, AOL mail, Hotmail, Facebook, My Space or any others. With these information, parents can easily keep track of almost everything kids do on Mac.

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Today people you care about are creating many different passwords to avoid your sight for their inappropriate Internet usage. They create different passwords for their Mac OS X network logon, Email accounts, website member accounts, online game accounts, etc. The list is endless.

Then how to know passwords of your kids or employees? How to gain the access to their Email and Facebook accounts? Is there any Password Keylogger for Mac for recording all the usernames and passwords?

Just right here. Amac Password Keylogger for Mac is a kind of spy software for Mac that can be used as password logger on Mac OS X to monitor all computer activities by capturing and recording all the usernames and passwords.

Using Amac Password Keylogger for Mac, you can find password information you want. This is the most advantageous and powerful tool by which you can proficiently record the whole keyboard activity of your kids and employees.

Apart from recording diferent kind of passwords, Amac password Mac keylogger also can record more things such as logging websites visited, chat messages in Skype, AIM, Adium and more, capturing screenshots at the preset interval. All of these features can be well used to keep track of whatever your kids or employees do on the Mac.

Amac Password Keylogger for Mac will save and send all the recorded usernames and passwords to an Email or FTP you set for it. By accessing the Email box or FTP space, you can view all the logs without approaching the Mac installed with Amac Password Keylogger for Mac.

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