Password Spy for Mac

Password Spy for Mac

Some times it is necessary for you to retrieve or find out the password of an account with a keylogger or password spy software. However, it is usually very difficult for Mac OS X users to track passwords because most Mac Keyloggers and Spy Software for Mac do not record invisible passwords or passwords under asterisks(****). What you can rely on is a special Password Spy for Mac.

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Password Spy for Mac Can Reveal All Typed Passwords

With stealthy keylogger for Mac, it is easy to reveal the hidden passwords behind asterisks. The special keystroke logging feature of a Mac spy software helps you record the typed passwords from any websites and applications.

Some applications do not show passwords in the password box when users are typing. A competent keyboard recorder will also work with the applications where passwords are not actually present. For example, Aobo Mac Keylogger, including the features of a Password monitor for Mac, will log the invisible typed passwords in Terminal on Mac OS X.

Features of Password Spy for Mac

  • Log the passwords typed by asterisks (****)
  • Record typed passwords that are invisible
  • Support any websites and applications
  • Store typed passwords into log file
  • Send logged data to specified email

A reliable keyboard recorder comes with the installer so that you can install it locally on your Mac. It should offer clear instructions which guide you through steps in completion of installation and configuration. Meanwhile, at any point of time, you can remove the Mac spy password from your Mac for any reason.

password keystroke logger for mac is not a hacking tool as it requires admin password for installation and it only logs typed passwords on your Mac, and it doesn’t hack into others’ accounts. It is absolutely safe and green to install and use.

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