Plant Aobo Keylogger Mac on Apple Mac

Plant Aobo Keylogger Mac on Apple Mac

Would you like to plant a keylogger on your Apple Mac to know what people are doing on your Apple devices? The Spy and Keylogger technology has significantly advanced in the last few decades. Today it is possible to download and plant keyloggers on Apple Macs.

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Planting Notice of Keylogger for Apple Mac

Aobo Mac Keylogger, which is Mac OS 10.4.X/10.5.X/10.6.X/10.7.X compatible, is an easy-to-use Keylogger for Apple that records keystrokes, websites, chats and screenshots to invisible log files. The log files can be sent secretly via email to the user who plant the keylogger. Aobo Mac keystroke logger can operate in invisible mode. That is, it will not show in the Applications list, Menu bar, Dock bar or Login items. To plant Aobo Mac Keylogger on your Apple Mac, please pay attention to following notices.

  • Install and Uninstall
    Aobo Mac Keylogger is simple to use and install. Just double click on the keylogger file and then bring up the keylogger window with default hot key, you can start the custom settings. There is a ReadMe file in the download telling you some tips and tricks about how to make better use of Aobo Mac Keylogging software. Please note that simply deleting the download files doesn’t remove Aobo Mac Keylogger, please download an uninstaller by clicking the link in ReadMe and run it to uninstall the keylogger.
  • Run and Monitor
    Please be sure to set Aobo Mac Keylogger to run automatically as Mac start-up. After done, Aobo Mac keystroke logging software will start to run and monitor your Mac whenever there is user logging in. By defaults, Aobo Mac Keylogger will log keystrokes and websites. To record chats and take screenshots, please check the options manually. Please Hide and Go your keylogger to make it work once you finish configuration.

Aobo Mac Keylogger Allows Three Different Ways to View Logs.

  • Keylogger window
    The log files are invisible on your Mac and they can only be viewed within the application. To view logs, you can access the Aobo Mac Key logger window by pressing a key combination on your keyboard and open the Log Viewer. You will be showed all the recorded data.
  • Log Emails
    Aobo Mac Keystroke logger logs can be sent as attachments on a timely basis specified by the user in hours and minutes to your Email box. Notice that every time the Mac is shut down, the session of the email interval will be recalculated.
  • FTP server
    Advanced Mac users can also make use of FTP to receive periodical Aobo Mac Keylogger logs. FTP is much more stable and allows much larger log files to be delivered. You can set a longer interval to upload logs via FTP.

Planting Aobo Mac Keylogger on Apple Mac helps parents to keep an eye on their child every minute of the day and make parents know if what kids are doing is not appropriate or may even harm them, especially when on the Internet. Aside from that, you can also use it to check on your employee’s activities during work. Furthermore, you can also plant Aobo Mac keystroke logging software on your Apple Mac to record everything your spouse is doing while you are gone. Plant Aobo Mac Keylogger on your Apple Mac right now, you are getting closer to the truth!

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