Purchase Aobo Keylogger – Aobo Filter

Purchase Aobo Keylogger – Aobo Filter

Amac(Aobo) OS X Keylogger Professional

The only Keylogger for Mac OS X that Records Passwords.
Requires Mac OS X Administrator Password to install.

Platform: Mac OS X 10.4 and above

Price: From $116.97
Upgrades: Free 1 year

Support: Free Lifetime
Delivery: Instant download

  • Amac(Aobo) Best keylogger monitoring software
  • Easemon for Mac/PC
    (Windows7/10, macOS)

    3-day Free Trial

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  • Amac(Aobo)
    (MacOS only)


    Buy Now with PayPal/CreditCard/Phone/Check/Fax

The download of free trial professional edition is available.

30-day Money-Back Guarantee policy

Please take a free trial of the keylogger before you buy it. We issue refunds in 30 days when the software is NOT WORKING on your computer since you purchase it. But No refunds will be guaranteed or promised if you simply changed your mind. As once we issue a registered copy there is no way for us to recall, or rescind a registered program that has already been issued to a customer. Essentially, once the program has been issued there is no way for us to guarantee that a customer has not, or is not continuing to use the product. Thanks for choosing Aobo Software.

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