Supervise Your Employees with Mac Keylogger Free Download

Supervise Your Employees with Mac Keylogger Free Download

Employee productivity is a key success factor for the success of many businesses. A Mac keylogger free download software is a tool that allows you to monitor the productivity of your employees. At any given time, an organization could have workers doing other things besides work on their computers. This could include playing games, watching a movie, browsing social media or working on non-company projects. All these activities can reduce the number of man hours spent doing actual work.

Corporate espionage is also a serious problem today. Companies in the tech and manufacturing industry are particularly at risk. When espionage happens, it is almost always an inside job. Mac keylogger free download software can reveal the truth about what an employ is doing on their Mac before it’s too late.

Best Solutions

Amac Keylogger for Mac
Amac Keylogger is spy software for Mac. All you need to do is to install it on your company’s computers, configure it and that’s it. As soon as your children or employees start using the computer, the program begins logging keystrokes and passwords. It also records all websites visited and IM chat conversations as well as takes periodic screenshots of the desktop. It basically records everything that an employee does on their computer at scheduled intervals and emails this data to a specified email address or uploads it to a remote server via FTP.

Easemon Employee Monitor for Mac
One more employee monitoring solution called Easemon for Mac is available as well. This solution works better when you only have a short-term monitoring plan or would like to apply employee monitoring software onto multiple office computers. This advantageous employee monitoring product is easy to setupand it’s Cloud server offers flexible, remote and multi-user management for the logged data.

Can Employees Uninstall it?

The answer is an emphatic NO. The Mac keylogger free download software runs in the background and is completely undetectable by the user. Only the installer can access the program using a hotkey and password. The employee has no idea that their activities are being monitored.

How to View the Mac Spy Software Logs

Spy logs can be viewed by opening the Mac keylogger spy software at the computer where it has been installed. Alternatively, you can view the logs remotely by checking the email inbox of the email specified in the configuration. The spy logs consist of the following:

  • Record Passwords – A list of all passwords and usernames for websites. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and other sites.
  • Record Keystrokes – IM chat passwords and usernames, game passwords and usernames
  • Record Composed Email – a record of all emails composed.
  • Log IM Chat Contents – The content of chat messages in Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Aim, iChat, MSN, Google and any other chat programs installed on the computer.
  • Website History – A list of all websites visited including dates and time spent at each website.
  • Desktop Screenshots – Mac keylogger free download takes screenshots at regular intervals.
  • IP Address details – the Mac keylogger spy software records the IP address of the Mac computer and sends you details of its location at all times. This is very useful where you have given your employees Mac laptops or where they telecommute and only visit the office a few times a month.

Other Uses for Mac Keylogger Free Download

In addition to being an important tool to monitor employee activity, the Amac spy software for Mac can also be used to monitor the computer activity of a child. But it’s inappropriate to monitor your spouse. There are all sorts of kooks and crooks online that may be plotting to do harm to your children. Amac Keylogger can be used as a parental control software to find out what your child is up to.

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