Top Bästa överlägsenhet Amac Keylogger

Top Bästa överlägsenhet Amac Keylogger

Amac Keylogger för Mac OS X is one of the best invisible Spy Software and Monitoring Software that records everything happening on a Mac and delivers reports via email or FTP. There are a lot of Keyloggers for Mac on the market, but why should you choose Amac Keylogger for your Mac?

Amac Keylogger Top Best Superiority

We believe that there are many reasons, but let’s analyze the following Top Superiority of Amac Keylogger for Mac OS X.

Log Keystrokes and Passwords

1. Log Keystrokes and Passwords
Amac Keylogger for Mac logs all keystrokes typed in websites, chats, emails, games and many other applications. What’s more, Amac Keylogger för Mac Professional secretly records all lösenord typed on a Mac, which is a great support of monitoring.

Log Websites and Instant Messages

2. Log Websites and Instant Messages
Amac Keylogger for Mac logs websites visited in Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. It also shows you the time stamp of the website visits. In addition, Amac Keylogger for Mac logs incoming and outgoing messages in Skype, AIM, iChat, MSN, Adium and gives you detailed reports of message senders, receivers and time stamps.

Take Screenshots and Log IP Address

3. Take Screenshots and Log IP Address
Amac Keylogger for Mac takes screen snapshots periodically and sends the logs to you at pre-defined intervals. In addition, Amac Keylogger för Mac logs IP address of the monitored Mac and sends the location information to a preset Email address to help you locate the Mac or the Mac users. Most of other keyloggers for Mac cannot do this.

Run Undetectably in Stealth Mode

4. Run Undetectably in Stealth Mode
Amac Keylogger for Mac provides undetectable surveillance unlike some other free keyloggers available. Amac Keylogger for your Mac runs in stealth mode, so children and employees will have no idea their activities are being monitored. That means they won’t be able to bypass the program, stop it from recording, uninstall it, or change their behavior to avoid detection.

Clean and Safe Keylogger for Mac

5. Clean and Safe Keylogger for Mac
Amac Keylogger for Mac has been tested by famous and trustworthy download centers and proved to be completely free from adware/spyware components. All of these famous and reliable download websites provide Amac Keylogger för Mac download. You can get a copy of Amac Keylogger for Mac for free.

Offer Keylogger Free Trial

6. Offer Keylogger Free Trial
Higher quality Amac Keylogger for Mac provides you with the opportunity to take advantage of a free trial before you pay any money. This way you can see if the keylogger för Mac accomplishes what the developer claims or it is simply a trap to get you to purchase the program.

Secure Online Purchase

7. Secure Online Purchase
Amac Keylogger for Mac applies the world-famous online Payment systems. They are all 100% secure and hacker-safe platforms. In most cases, you will immediately get an invoice Email within your registration code and download link after you purchase Amac Keylogger för Mac.

Detailed User Guide

8. Detailed User Guide
Amac Keylogger for Mac includes detailed user installation and configuration guide in every Mac Keylogger package you download. Amac is also establishing an FAQ System in order to help you get quick answers to your problem by yourself. The FAQ system will be updated periodically to improve its efficiency.

Professional Online Support

9. Professional Online Support
Amac provides every Amac Keylogger user with Live Chat System, Ticket Support and Email Support to answer your questions quickly and effectively. We also have skilled and professional technicians who can help you solve the problem of Amac Keylogger for Mac with instant remote desktop support.

Lifetime use and no additional fees

10. Lifetime Use and No Additional Fees
Most Keyloggers for Mac in the current market require renewal fees once the Mac Keylogger has been used for a period of time. However, Amac Keylogger för Mac never asks for additional fees for continuing use after purchase. Any purchase of Amac Keylogger guarantees a lifetime use.

Amac Keylogger för Mac OS X provides a comprehensive monitoring solution for all Mac users with its powerful features and quality service. To find out more about Amac Keylogger för Mac OS X and what it can do to help you, visit here: Amac Keylogger för Mac OS X

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