Undetectable Keylogger for Mac – Amac Keylogger

Undetectable Keylogger for Mac – Amac Keylogger

amac Keylogger för Mac OS X Standard is an undetectable Keylogger for Mac OS X users which helps parents to discover inappropriate website visits and suspicious chats of their children, aids husband or wife with finding out the online affair or unfaithfulness and assists employers to disclose who are goofing around at working hours or leaking out company confidentiality.

amac Undetectable Keylogger for Mac OS X Standard secretly logs users’ Mac activities and Internet activities. Apart from features of recording keystrokes, websites visited (Safari, Chrome and Firefox) and chat conversations (iChat, AIM, Skype, MSN and Adium), Amac undetectable Keylogger for Mac also takes periodically screenshots and logs the IP address of target Mac. Undetectable Keylogger for Mac, then, delivers log reports to a pre-set Email box or FTP space.

amac Undetectable Keylogger for Mac Standard will rest your mind at peace with its stealth feature. Amac Undetectable Keylogger for Mac works unlike virus, malware or spyware, so it escapes detective work from Kaspersky, Norton and more. Without hints or popups, users would not have any clue that the Mac has been installed with Amac Undetectable Keyloggers for Mac.

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