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keylogger mac: Mac Keylogger Free Download Websites Could Be Working Against You

You may need to be cautious with Mac keylogger free download websites. The world is a scary place. Wherever we turn, unless we take extreme care, there is a chance that there is someone out there to “get us”. No, this is not an article about paranoia – it is in fact about how insecure […]

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keylogger mac: Parenting is Easier with OS X Yosemite Keylogger

New OS X called Yosemite is coming this fall and already there is so much hype about it on all popular websites, magazines and forums. It became so popular that many parents have already promised their kids new computers or at least an update as soon as Yosemite becomes available. Buying a new Mac or […]

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keylogger mac: Amac Keylogger v3.0.1 Released

Amac Keylogger v3.0.1, an easy-to-use keylogger for Mac OS X, released on March 27, 2014. What’s new in Amac Keylogger v3.0.1? Fixed the bugs in screenshot capturing Optimized the log email sending mechanisms Refined the installer to improve the conceality Fixed an issue in "Apply to All" feature Fixed some other small bugs Amac Keylogger […]

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keylogger mac: Aobo Keylogger for Mac v4.0.3 Released

Aobo Keylogger for Mac v4.0.3, a stealthy keylogger for Mac OS X users, has been released on March 25, 2014. What’s New in Aobo Keylogger for Mac v4.0.3? Improved the email delivery algorithm Changed the icon of the program Improved the uninstaller to enhance the invisibility Aobo Keylogger for Mac OS X v4.0.3 makes it […]

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keylogger mac: Importance to Use Stealthy Keylogger for Mac at Home

Most children love surfing the Internet, because they can find information whatever they need, if you set up a stealthy keylogger for mac, even if you are doing it for their safety, they will not think so. They maybe try other ways to find what they want. It is important to use a stealthy Keylogger […]

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keylogger mac: Keylogger Mac Monitors Employees’ Activity

Now, Aobo Keylogger Mac, with the function to monitor employee activity, really does help you out of these troubles like your company’s economic benefit and your employees’ work efficiency. You will never suspect that whether your employees play games or surf the Internet when expected to work. And you won’t guess whether they trade the […]

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keylogger mac: What You can Do with Amac Keylogger

Mac Keylogger is a kind of software to monitor keystroke inputs on Mac OS X, which has been given the ability to log passwords, expose keystrokes, record visited websites, and log chat conversations and so on. A Mac Keylogger will be greatly helpful on following tasks: Monitor kids, partners and employees with Mac Keyloggers Are […]

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keylogger mac: Keylogger Mac Spy Software

Mac Spy Software is equipped to monitor your Mac OS X computers and let you know about the activities performed by its users which may include anybody. One of the key reasons why you should get stealthy keylogger for Mac is to watch and protect your children, but it also helps execute various other jobs […]

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keylogger mac: Recording Keystrokes on Mac

Recording keystrokes can be very important in some situations. By recording keystrokes, computer users are able to study how users interact and access with systems, monitor the online activities of kids and measure employee productivity on certain clerical tasks. One method of capturing and recording keystrokes is applying keyloggers. Keylogger is a tool for hidden […]

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keylogger mac: Benefits of Keylogger Mac

Keylogger Mac, a program that is quite equipped to your Mac, lets you know about the activities including keystrokes, passwords, chats, and websites performed by Mac users. A secret keylogger for Mac can help execute various jobs both within your work place and at home. You might as well use Aobo Keylogger Mac or Easemon […]

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