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keylogger software: Best OS X El Capitan Keylogger for Professional/Personal Use

In today’s fast paced and intricately interconnected world keylogger software can make the difference in your life. The applications of such software can be equally beneficial to both your personal and professional life. You may be wondering how so? How is it possible for Amac Keylogger to help you tackle your 21st century problems. By […]

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keylogger software: iMac Keylogger Cares Your Kids When You are Away

iMac keylogger can work as a parental control tool when you are too busy to stay with your kids. Owing to the great pressure to make a living and the strong willingness to give kids a better development environment, many of you choose to work outside instead of accompanying kids at home. But it turns […]

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keylogger software: Instruct Your Kids with iMac Keylogger

It should be acknowledged that the Internet changes the lifestyle of many people dramatically. You can get the information you want on the Internet instead of go to the library, and entertain yourself in front of the computer rather than go outside. It brings great convenience to your life, but the negative effects exist as […]

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keylogger software: Best Monitoring Software for Mac

Are you still searching for a good monitoring software for Mac? Aobo keystroke logging software for Mac or Easemon Employee Monitor for Mac must be your best choice! It is a piece of Mac monitoring software that records all passwords that typed on the target Mac. With Aobo Mac Keylogger, you can easily get the […]

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keylogger software: Mac OS X Keylogger for Safari

Mac OS X keylogger for Safari is a monitoring tool to record keystrokes and monitor activities on your own Mac. It keeps track of activities of other people using your Mac without your permission. Mac OS X keylogger for Safari runs automatically in stealth mode after your Mac starts up. Do you want to know […]

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keylogger software: Keylogger for Safari to Track Activities on a Mac

Keylogger for Safari is an easy-to-use tool to record Mac keyboard and monitor activities on your own Mac. It can track activities of other people using your Mac without your permission. Keylogger for Safari runs automatically in invisible mode after your Mac starts up. Do you wonder what your kids, or your employees are doing […]

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keylogger software: Why Do You Apply Snow Leopard Mac Keylogger

In the modern world, Internet is playing an essential part in our daily life. We can notice that our little kids are spending increasing more time in the cyber space. A coin has two sides, so does the Internet. While it brings great benefits to the society, it has also brought us great harms, such […]

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keylogger software: What Is a Keylogger?

A keylogger (also called keystroke logger) is an application/tool which is installed in your computer or mobile to record the keystrokes typed. Generally speaking, there are two types: keylogger hardware and keylogger software. When we talk about keyloggers, we usually refer to software keyloggers. Some software keyloggers are bundled with other programs which help themselves be installed to the target […]

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