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keystroke logger: How to Log Keystrokes on Mac

Logging keystrokes on Mac may help you know your children or employees better. Owing to the fact that many steps should rely on the keyboard, the keyboard is quite essential to both Mac and PC. Generally speaking, according to the difference of the keystrokes you typed, you are able to express your thoughts clearly. In […]

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keystroke logger: How to Record Keyboard Strokes on Mac

Recording keyboard strokes on Mac is significant and necessary if you want to know what happens to the ones you care. As for the computer, apart from the advanced software, the hardware is quite essential as well. Take the keyboard usage as the example, generally speaking, people would prefer to enter the words through keyboard […]

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keystroke logger: Apple Keystroke Recorder Takes Care of Kids Mac Activity

Apple keystroke recorder helps you keep an eye on your children’s Mac activities invisibly. It is an unrealistic fantasy that parents can accompany their kids so as to monitor kids’ Mac activities in real time, which turns out to be a waste of parents’ time and is more likely to arouse kids’ detest. Apparently, the […]

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keystroke logger: Micro Keylogger for PC

Micro Keylogger, the professional Keylogger for PC, can log all the activities, including the keystrokes entered, the websites visited, the applications used as well as the folders downloaded, happened on the PC in a secret and undetectable way. It has the ability to block a certain kinds of websites and applications from running and send […]

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keystroke logger: Use a Keylogger for Mac to Monitor Coworkers, Kids & Employees

Amac Keylogger is a keylogger for Mac that really works. It helps you uncover secrets such as what your kids are using their computer for or who your lover loves besides you! How and why you use this Mac keylogger is up to you, but regardless of the case, you will get the results and […]

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keystroke logger: Mac Keystroke Recorder to Log Everything For You

Are you still finding A good application to record all things done on the keyboard of your Mac? Or do you want to find a recording software to help you monitor and log all your children’s activity on the computer? Now you don’t need to worry any more! The most professional Mac keystroke recorder – […]

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keystroke logger: An Advanced Keylogger for Mac

A keylogger for Mac, sometimes called keystroke logger or key logger, is a very small but powerful program that monitors all keystrokes typed on the Mac. Of course, this is the most common function that a keylogger can provide for your Mac. However, an advanced keylogger gives you more functions that can meet all your […]

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keystroke logger: Can I Send a Mac Keylogger with Email?

Can I send and install a Mac Keylogger through email? Some users want to spy on the Mac computer they own but currently don’t have direct access, so they come up with the idea of sending a Mac Keylogger to the target Mac via Email, so that it could attach the keylogger to the Mac, […]

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keystroke logger: How to Capture Keystrokes on a Mac

Logging keystrokes is one way for you to track activities on your computer. It is also a method used by administrators to track all of the employees’ inputs on the office computers during the working hours. The program which is used to capture keystrokes is a keylogger. A program specially designed for capturing the keystrokes on a […]

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keystroke logger: What Is a Keylogger?

A keylogger (also called keystroke logger) is an application/tool which is installed in your computer or mobile to record the keystrokes typed. Generally speaking, there are two types: keylogger hardware and keylogger software. When we talk about keyloggers, we usually refer to software keyloggers. Some software keyloggers are bundled with other programs which help themselves be installed to the target […]

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