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mac keylogger: Monitor all Mac activity with Amac Spy Software for Mac OS X

Amac Spy Software for Mac OS X is the best mac keylogger, for all mac users who want to monitor their kids, family members and supervise employees. The software is an invisible spy software that is very easy to install, and uninstall if you want to stop using it, without any problems whatsoever. A three […]

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mac keylogger: Why Schools Should Monitor Mac Usage All the Time

Elementary and high school students are more vulnerable than ever. This is because they’re easily connected to the web even when at school. As a result, parents’ efforts to monitor their children at home may go to waste if schools don’t take the same measures. If you own or run a school, you need to […]

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mac keylogger: Key Benefits of OS X Yosemite Keylogger at Home or Workplace

If you have been waiting for the latest spy software for Mac OS X in the market, then your wait is over, since the new OS X Yosemite Keylogger – Amac Keylogger is here to blow you away. The hype around the already popular spy software has been well documented and if you want to […]

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mac keylogger: Why You Should Monitor Mac Usage of Your Teens

As a concerned parent, you may have to take certain measures to ensure that your children are protected while online. With 93% of today’s teens able to access the internet at all times, parents may face the dilemma of whether to continue working to feed their families or drop everything and monitor their children at […]

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mac keylogger: Avoid Online Conflict Efficiently with Apple Keystroke Logger

Of the seven billion people on the planet, more than two billion are using computers and surfing the Internet to click in and out of social networks, send and receive emails, chat and work online. But commonly it is not easy for people to well communicate with people online all the time, especially for people […]

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mac keylogger: Spy on Mac in Home and Offices with Amac Keylogger

With great and uncontrolled technological revolution we are witnessing on a day today basis, our lives are getting busier and busier and most of the time we get pre-occupied with other trivial things. We are completely surmounted and overwhelmed by the technological choices we have to make everyday. There is no doubt in ascertaining the […]

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mac keylogger: Use a Keylogger for Mac to Monitor Coworkers, Kids & Employees

Amac Keylogger is a keylogger for Mac that really works. It helps you uncover secrets such as what your kids are using their computer for or who your lover loves besides you! How and why you use this Mac keylogger is up to you, but regardless of the case, you will get the results and […]

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mac keylogger: Monitor Employee Activities with Mac Keyboard Recorder

According to a great quantity of authoritative surveys, 76.8% employees of large-scale enterprise require network access to make full use of key applications, main services, company data, competitive marketing, public finance or customer support etc. Since commercial activity tends to be heavily reliant on technology and Internet, being unaware of employee online activity and computer […]

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mac keylogger: 3 Possible Reasons for Stopping Getting Emails from Amac

To make it work as a remote Mac keylogger, Amac keylogger has been designed to deliver logged content from the target device to the user’s email or FTP account for remote viewing. In this way, users don’t need physical access to see what is happening on the Mac. And the email delivery can be used […]

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mac keylogger: Best Mac Spy App for Family Protection

Have you ever kept records on how long your family members spend on Mac after they come back home from school or work, or wondered what on earth they do on Mac? It is true that most people spend more and more time on the Internet which gives bad guys more tempting targets, so it […]

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