Tips to Monitor Employees Internet Use

Tips to Monitor Employees Internet Use

As an employer, maybe you feel difficult to make sure whether your employees are using the Internet in a productive way. Fortunately, there are many ways to monitor what your staffs are doing with the company computer. For Mac OS X users, the best way to spy on your employees is to utilize the keylogger for Mac. It is the most used tool to make certain if employees’ Internet use is for true business-related purposes.

Monitor web access during the working hours To monitor your employees, first and foremost, you should monitor your workers’ web access via a keylogger for Mac. Check which websites they have browsed to ensure that whether they are dawdling away their time or working in earnest during office hours.

Monitor instant messages Instant messages are often a source of security breaches. However, since instant messaging can actually be useful in the business environment, enabling instantaneous communications with co-workers, vendors, etc., you have to apply the instant messaging in your business. Check your employees’ chat logs periodically to see if it will lead to any security breaches which may threaten your business.

Capture the screenshots Screen capture utilities are often included in monitoring software packages, like a keylogger for Mac. In addition to finding out the URL of a Web site an employee visited, you can actually see the site that was displayed on your employees’ screen, an opened Word document or graphics file, the contents of a dialog box, a video game being played by the employee.

Note: Before you apply this employee monitoring software in your company computers, work out a comprehensive computer usage policy that spells out exactly what is and is not allowed when using company resources, including office computers and the Internet.

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