Uninstall Amac Keylogger

Uninstall Amac Keylogger

Uninstall Amac Keylogger Trial/STD

1. Download Amac Keylogger Uninstaller
2. Run the uninstaller to uninstall it.

1. If your keylogger is password protected, the uninstaller will ask for your password to uninstall.
2. If you want to reinstall the keylogger later and retain the logs, please check the option “Retain the logs”

Uninstall Amac Keylogger PRO

To uninstall Amac Keylogger PRO, please open the Keylogger PRO installer and check the Quick_Start_PRO.pdf guide.

If you have forgot your password of the keylogger, then you can’t uninstall it, for registered users, please contact technical support for help

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