What Are Keyloggers?

What Are Keyloggers?

A keylogger (also named keystroke logger) is an application/tool which is used on your computer or mobile and records the keystrokes typed.

Generally speaking, there are two types: software keyloggers and hardware keyloggers. When we talk about keyloggers, usually we refer to software keyloggers.

Some software keyloggers are bundled with other applications, which can help themselves be installed to the target computer without your notice. They are spyware and dangerous for online personal information.

Not all the keyloggers are dangerous. Some other software keyloggers are useful applications that need manually installation and even admin password to install onto your computer. They are usually used as parental control software or employee monitoring software.

The use of parental monitoring keylogger ranges from computers to mobiles. Nowadays keyloggers are becoming more and more powerful. One of them is Aobo Mac Keylogger for Mac OS X users. It’s called keylogger but more than a keylogger with the functions of tracking keystrokes, recording websites, capturing screenshots and sending reports.

If you have young children and want to keep tabs on how they use Internet so as to keep them going well with the cyber space, a Mac keylogger is the best choice for you. But be careful about keylogger purchase scams in case you spend extra money.

Caution: Some websites or companies sell keyloggers without clear update policy and ask users for “renewal fee to continue using the keylogger” after some time. Please be aware of that before purchase!

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