What Does Aobo Mac Keylogger Do?

What Does Aobo Mac Keylogger Do?

A keylogger refers to software or hardware which records the inputs typed on a computer or some other device. Sometimes a keylogger can be a piece of malicious software. However the commercial keyloggers (like Aobo keylogger for Mac) do have practical purposes in some special occasions. Aobo keylogger for Mac with the features of recording keystrokes can be very useful if it is used legitimately.

Monitor your employees. Are you the employer of a company with several people or even more working for you? Do you worry that your employees are playing games online during the working hours? With Aobo Keylogger for Mac, every keystroke will be monitored and recorded. Therefore, you will have complete control over their use of the office computers.

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Discover the truth. Does your spouse give the cold shoulder to you? Does he/she behave suspiciously when you unconsciously come close to him/her at the time he/she is surfing the Internet? With Aobo Keylogger for Mac, all doubts will be erased from your mind. One thing to note: it is illegal to monitor your spouse without the permission, so you can only spy your spouse with her or his knowing.

Protect your children. Do you worry that your kids may be curious about the pornographic information? Do you suspect that they have been browsing porn websites? Now with Aobo Keylogger for Mac, you can monitor what your kids are doing online. You will know which web pages they have viewed, what kind of person they have contacted and so on. If you find something wrong, you can take actions to deal with it.

Addition: Would you like to record the passwords? Go to the Aobo Keylogger for Mac Professional Edition.

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