What Is A Keylogger?

What Is A Keylogger?

Actually, a keylogger is a kind of monitoring spy software used to record the keystrokes typed on a computer. In terms of this function, it is called keystroke logger as well. Apart from this feature, it has many other powerful features, such as, taking screenshots, recording websites and sending logs, and so on. Although often installed by malware on computers running Microsoft Windows, keyloggers are available for all operating systems such as Mac OS X and can be installed like any other software. System administrators may also use a keylogger in a non-malicious manner to record all activity they perform for safe keeping or troubleshooting. A Keylogger is considered spyware if they are installed and running on a computer without the user’s knowledge.

What Can A Keylogger Do?

Not all keyloggers are installed by malware, as law enforcement agencies, universities, and corporations may install keyloggers on their computers to track and prevent misuse. Other common uses of keyloggers include suspicious spouses and parents who keep a tab on the online activities of their loved ones. The use of a keylogger for espionage is often considered unethical. However, it is no less so than hiring a private detective. Those who wish to use a keylogger for this purpose should note that most IM clients, email clients, and web browsers provide a built-in history function that could be used for this very purpose.

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What Is Hardware Keystroke Logger?

Hardware keystroke loggers are an alternative to traditional keylogger programs. Installed between the keyboard plug and the motherboard socket, these small devices are often difficult to detect as the computer has no additional software running on it. Unless the user physically examines the PS/2 keyboard connection, there will be no evidence of anything unusual. An obvious disadvantage of the use of a hardware keystroke logger is that the attacker must have physical access to the computer being examined. Also, the presence of a physical device, as opposed to a simple software keylogger, may have legal implications should the device be discovered.

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