What is Mac OS X Keylogger for

What is Mac OS X Keylogger for

Equipped with powerful logging skills, Mac OS X Keylogger is widely used by parents and employers, but it is forbidden to catch cheating spouse.

  • Parents
    If you have young kids, chances are that they are already adept at using computers and spend much time on your Mac. Most parents, therefore, are concerned how to protect their kids from the sketchy dangers of the Internet. Luckily, they have the Mac OS X Keylogger for sale, which can help them to get an accounting of the websites they have visited, various IM chat conversations and applications they have used. The recorded data will be orderly organized, including the length of time the logs are kept, date and content of the IMs, and sent to your email/FTP to view. Once you know the details of your kids online activities, you can protect them from Internet threats to the fullest.
  • Spouse
    If your spouse spends much time chatting online, it is likely that he/she is about to or has been involving in a love affair online. So to be on alert is the obligation of the married people. Mac OS X Keylogger can silently log all the chat conversation details of both sides. If you use the Professional edition of Mac Keylogger, the passwords of online accounts will be recorded as well. But it is forbidden to be used to discover the secrets of your spouse. You can not use it to save your marriage if you want to make difference or be used as solid evidence to confront with the denial of your spouse.
  • Employers
    As an employer, how to make the best use of time and talent of the employees may be your top concern. The Mac OS X Keylogger offers you a way out. By stealthily monitoring all the activities they performed on the Internet, you will be kept informed how much energy they devote to their work. So you can prompt your employees to work intently to create more productivity.

Besides, the professional logging function of the Mac OS X Keylogger also can help you backup the valued data and information on your Mac.

  • Yourself
    Once my friend lost her Mac and she is beyond upset. I wonder why, for she is rich enough to buy a new one. And later I got the reason that she has treasured journals on her Mac which could never buy with money. It occurred to me that the Mac OS X Keylogger can be used as a data-backup program which can cheer up those who care the information and data on their Mac more than anything else. The Mac OS X Keylogger can record all the keystrokes typed including passwords, so whatever accidents happen to your Mac, your cherished information or data are as safe as an abode.

In a word, the Mac OS X Keylogger is a universally applicable software, which can help you watch your kids and monitor your employees as well as backup your data. But it cannot help you catch your cheating spouse. So the Mac OS X Keylogger should rank the top on your shopping list.

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