Why choose Aobo Mac Keylogger?

Why choose Aobo Mac Keylogger?

Aobo Mac Keylogger is the only keylogger for Mac with the Password recording feature. The password logging feature is guaranteed in our Professional Edition. Don’t believe some mac keylogger sellers who offer free password recorder for mac. They are unreliable, and, for the most part, there is no support for these kinds of free password recorders.

1. Quality Guaranteed

We guarantee that aobo keylogger for mac will work on your macbook or iMac/ibook. We have technicians who can help you install the keylogger on your mac with remote desktop support. We also have Live chat System, ticket support and email support to answer your questions with ease. For Professional edition, we also provide Telephone support during working hours.

2. Powerful Keylogger for Mac

Aobo Mac keylogger, as the leader in the keylogger mac market, provides all the popular features to help you record activities on the Mac. Aobo Mac Keylogger is the only one that can record Skype logs on both sides.

3. Live Product

Unlike other mac keyloggers, Aobo mac keylogger is live. You can see the version updates are frequent, that means, you purchased a keylogger for mac which can be used not only now, but also in the future, Aobo mac keylogger will change and upgrade according to your requirements.

4. Full knowledge base and user guide

Aobo keylogger fro mac has knowledge base and faq system to help you get a quick answer by yourself.

Comparison: Aobo Mac Keylogger Professional Edition and Easemon

Comparison Professional Easemon
Spy on Local Mac Users
Support Network Users
Record keystrokes
Take desktop snapshots
Retrieve web history
Log Composed Emails
Monitor Application use
Log typed Facebook messages
Application Usage Report
Zero Configuration
Log Passwords
Log Private Browsing
Local log viewer
Send logs by Email
Upload logs to FTP
View logs on webpanel
Remote Update/Uninstall
Remotely log out
Remotely shut down the target Mac
Alert & capture screen by keywords
Keystrokes in native language
Admin password required
Compatible to OS X 10.4~10.12
Remote desktop assistance
Live chat Support
Ticket Support
Knowledge Base
Price $134.95 $299.99
Purchase Purchase Purchase

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