Multiple Users

Multiple Users

Multiple user support is one of the special features of AMAC键盘记录为Mac. If you would like to install Amac Keylogger to all users, please use the feature of Apply to All.

Please make sure the following things before Apply to All.

  • Your Mac Admin Password is required for Apply to All
  • Option of "在Mac的启动运行键盘记录机Amac" is checked
  • Set up the keylogger correctly before you sync settings

How to Apply to All on Amac Keylogger

  1. Click "全部应用" in Settings interface
  2. Click "" in Settings SYNC window
  3. Type into the admin password and click ""
注意: To disable Amac 键盘记录程序的Mac OS X from running in all users, please uncheck "Run Amac Keylogger at Mac startup" and click "Apply to All".


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