Register Amac Keylogger

Register Amac Keylogger

Amac Keylogger, offering 3-day free Keylogger for Mac trial downloading, is an invisible 键盘记录为Mac OS X users that logs keystrokes, websites, chat conversations and screenshots.

After free trial, please register Amac Keylogger with your license key to continue to use. Get a license key from AMAC键盘记录购买 page.

Register Amac Keylogger

How to register Amac Keylogger for Mac:

  • Click “Activate Amac” button at the top of the keylogger interface
  • Type into your license key and click “OK”
  • “Congratulations! Registration successful!” message shows up
  • Click “OK” to finish registration


Message: “Invalid Key! Registration unsuccessful!”
  • If your license key format is “xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx”, please note that each string contains 2 letters and 2 numbers.
  • If your license key format is “xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx”, Please remember that there is no number in the license key.
  • 请确保所有的许可证密钥字母都用大写。有许可密钥没有低字母。
  • 请检查您是否已经添加了额外的空格错误的许可证密钥。没有足够的空间允许在许可密钥。
Message: “Connection Error! Not able to validate registration at this time!”
  • 请确保您可以在Mac上打开HTTPS网页。例如。:
  • 如果您无法打开上述页面中,请确保您的Internet连接已启用。
  • 请检查Mac上,如果有家长控制,并禁用它。注册后,您可以重新启用家长控制。
  • 不要忘了,如果你有他们在Mac上调整的第三方家长控制工具的设置。
Message: “The maximum licensed user count has been reached!”
  • You run out of the registration count limit of your license code. If you believe there is something wrong, please contact Support Team.

If the above instructions do not solve your problem, please contact Amac Keylogger Tech Support Team


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